MommysBoy Kayla Paige & Kit Mercer – He's MY Darling Boy!

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Kit Mercer is spending some quality time with her stepson, Diego Perez, although it's clear from the way she eyes him up that she has the hots for him. Unfortunately for her, they are interrupted by Kayla Paige as she waltzes into the house unannounced. While Diego is pleased to see Kayla, who is another stepmom of his from a past marriage, Kit is annoyed by Kayla's presence. Like Kit, it seems Kayla has the hots for Diego and neither of them want to give him up. Tensions are high as Kit and Kayla try to outcompete each other for Diego's attention. Diego grows upset and tries to interrupt but is ignored. Things get even more tense when Kayla tries to convince Diego to move in with her, which upsets Kit. That's when they get combative, each trying to declare that they are the superior stepmother to Diego. As the argument intensifies, it's clear that the stepmothers aren't taking Diego's feelings into consideration! They both take his arms and play tug-of-war with him, and Diego becomes distressed as he's yanked back and forth like a ragdoll. Finally, enough is enough and Diego demands that they stop. He thinks their OBVIOUS sexual attraction to him is the source of stress. In a desperate bid to bring about peace, he offers himself up sexually to BOTH stepmoms to show that there's enough of him for both of them!


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